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In 1971 developers submitted a plat  application for a Planned Unit Development on a densely wooded parcel of land that included tall stands of Douglas fir and large big leaf maple trees.  Intermingled among these trees were dogwood, hazelnut, vine maple and hemlock with a good cover of shrubs, bushes and ground cover on most of the areas of the site.  The intent was to leave the site as natural as possible, removing only those trees and shrubs that would interfere with the development of roads and single family lots.  The developer’s goal was to provide a single family lot subdivision for mobile homes with a creative approach that included an aesthetically desirable use of open space.  To that end approximately four acres were devoted to seven common areas that the developer envisioned would be developed with hiking trails and picnic areas and equally available to all Kenton Firs families.  Unlike many mobile home parks, homeowners would own their own lots and would automatically belong to the Kenton Firs Community Association that would be managed by an elected board of unpaid volunteers who would be responsible for maintaining the common areas and handling the business of Kenton Firs as a non-profit organization.  Today, many of those beautiful trees still remain and is what sets Kenton Firs apart from most of its neighbors.


The Board Members that are here to serve our community are:

                                     President                               - Don Norman                     
                                    Vice President                        - Richard Bolen
                                    Treasurer                               - Gilda Swann
                                    Secretary                               -Trish Norman
                                    AACC Chairperson                 - Gilda Swann
                                    AACC Position 1                     - Steve Brakefield
                                    AACC Position 2                     - Jay Schlieske
                                    AACC Alternate                       - Jerry Miller

                                           Newsletter Editor                     - Jay Schlieske
                                                        Web Administrators                 - Trish Norman/Jay Schlieske

       We all look forward to your help in making our Community  #1

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